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Formerly known as Kemfied Engineering, Kemfied High Pressure Pumps (PTY) Ltd of Vereeniging, South Africa, has been in operation since 1979.

Its main activity is the turnkey design and manufacture of High Pressure Pumps. Awarded SABS 0157 Part 1 rating in 1985, it has since upgraded to Part 2 rating, and is in the process of gearing up for ISO 9000 Part 1 accreditation. After 25 years of design and testing , Kemfied High Pressure Pumps are an effective locally manufactured cleaning tool.

The company has the facilities to recondition all types of Plunger Pumps, Vacuum Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps, as well as Compressors, Gearboxes and White-metal Bearings (spin casting).

Further expansions on High Pressure Pumps up to 2500 bar pressures, has been successfully copmleted and on sale. Since 1994 we have been developing and testing Homogenizing Pumps successfully, and marketing of these pumps.

Kemfied also manufacture High Pressure Guns, Foot Valves, Spin Nozzles up to 2500 bar, Retro Guns and Dump Valves, special equipment for the Debarking of Trees, Ship Cleaning and General Decontamination.

Presently, we are selling our products to Industrial Cleaning and Marine Cleaning Contractors, the Steel Manufacturing-, Chemical, Petro-chemical, Mining Industry, etc. Various Town Councils, also make use of our equipment, especially for Drain Cleaning applications.

Our equipment is used for General Surface Cleaning, Descaling of Tubes, Drain Cleaning, Wet Sandblasting and all other applications where High Pressure Water is required at either High or Low Volumes.

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